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Earth & Pure

Lemongrass and White Tea Room and Linen Spray

Lemongrass and White Tea Room and Linen Spray

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Lemongrass & White Tea Room and Linen Spray

Room Sprays make a home smell great. A fresh spritz of this wonderful product will perk your space right up. The effect is instant and this scent can last for hours depending on the space and temperature. 

Lemongrass & White Tea Scent: This luxurious fragrance is the ultimate spa scent. Refreshing scent of lemongrass is mixed with calming fragrance notes of jasmine and white tea.This scent is deeply aromatic and will transform your atmosphere to a soothing space.

This lemongrass & white tea room spray can be sprayed directly in any room to change the scent. Furthermore, it can also be used on linens to refresh them.


Why to use a room spray: 

Room sprays are great for freshening up. No matter how carefully I clean my home, there are times when my home needs an extra boost of scent.

1) Our intriguing blend of citrus, ozone, jasmine, and light musk is a delicious escape from the turmoil of your daily life. It will smoothly transform your home into an enchanting paradise where everything feels peaceful and harmonious.

2) Room Sprays can be used in places you are not able to put a candle for fragrance. Like workspaces etc.

3) On the go - you can put this tiny room spray in your bag and use it on the go. for example: in the car or in the toilet

4) Easy to use - room sprays are effortless. Just 1 spray and you’re done.

Where to use Earth & Pure room spray: 

1) Rooms: Living room, bed room, bathroom, toilet, genkan etc.

2) On your Linens

3) On your cushions and curtains

4) In your cupboards

5) In the car

6) In the purse/ bag/ suitcase


Dimensions Closed bottle - Height 8.5cm x Diameter 3cm
Usage Shake well before use. Twist the bottle for the spray nozzle to come out and spray. Spray 10cm away from surface. 2-3 sprays are enough to perk up your space.
Storage Store in a cool & dry space away from direct sunlight.
Warning Keep away from eyes & face when spraying. Do not consume. keep away from children. Keep away from heat and fire.


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